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eyolfAndré Roligheten – tenor saxophone

André was born in 1985, Skien. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 8 and early on became interested in improvised music. Roligheten has studied to Bachelor at the Jazz Academy at NTNU in Trondheim, and in 2011 he finished his Masters degree in improvisation at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Eyolf Dale – piano

Eyolf was born in 1985, Skien At the age of 6 he sat down at the piano bench playing and composing music on the piano at home, and it was clear that there was no return. He studied jazz piano and composition at the Norwegian Academy of music, and finished his Masters degree in 2011.


Albatrosh is quite a rare species. A two-headed creature with an impressive wingspan. It utilizes the wind optimally and with its dynamic, efficient flight, it has exceptional reach. It is fearless of other species, and would love to invite you to its nest.

Albatrosh consists of saxophonist André Roligheten and pianist Eyolf Dale, two critically acclaimed jazz musicians. They grew up together in Skien, Norway, and started playing music together at an early age. Since the official the formal birth of their band in 2006, the duo has played concerts all over the world, including at major festivals. Their fifth album, ”Night Owl”, was released by Rune Grammofon internationally in January 2015.

The music of Albatrosh is based on strong compositions in perfect harmony with seamlessly integrated improv. Many years of close collaboration allows the duo to interact unafraid of beauty, unafraid of the abstract – without ever losing track of the goal. The signature of the duo is a perfect smoothie of detailed sounds blended into unique and original expression. Their previous duo album, “Yonkers” (2011), received unequivocal international critical acclaim:

“Both players are formidable improvisers” –The Guardian,

“Märchenhaft verwunschene Töne in den hohen Lagen des Saxophons, innige Verschlingungen und Selbstbehauptungswille: ein über allen regionalen Zuordnungen schwebendes Meisterwerk.” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DE)

“Their intuitive chemistry lifts the album to another plane” – New York Times

“Ihre Dialoge können noch so verstiegen sein, sie verlieren nie den Bezug zum Diesseits. Albatrosh sind zugleich out und doch jeden Augenblick in.” – JAZZthing (DE)

“A formidable act of seemless interplay. This album is sensational, to say the least, both compositionally, improvisationally and instrumentally.”  – Dagbladet,  6/6

Albatrosh in concert is something out of the ordinary; a gliding journey through the aural and musical universe, where anything is possible – yet everything combines seamlessly!


Albatrosh with guests

Besides out work as a duet, we´ve also done a lot of projects and concerts with guest musicians.Here´s some of them.

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

We wrote a commissioned piece to Molde Jazz Festival in 2013, “Tree House”. This 14-piece orchestra featured some of the greatest Norwegian musicians as well as visual artwork by Andreas Paleologos.


We wrote a commissioned piece for the festival SMOG, with the fantastic musicians Helge Andreas Norbakken (percussion), Per Zanussi (bass) and Thomas Dahl (guitar). The music was first performed during Christmas 2012, and later on also performed at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo.

Django Bates

Composition workshops and trio playing with alto horn, springtime 2009

Hild Sofie Tafjord & Lene Grenager
We wrote music for this quartet in 2009, and toured all over Norway that autumn. The music were recorded in Rainbow studio October 2009 and released as “Mystery Orchestra with Grenager & Tafjord” late 2010.

Paul Lovens
We had a week of playing and rehearsing with the legendary free impro drummer in 2010. He´s known for his collaborations with Slippenbach trio and other groundbreaking ensembles. We also did a concert at Chateau Neuf in Oslo that autumn.

Theo Bleckmann
With this amazing singer based in New York, we did a concert in Brooklyn spring 2011. His unique character added some amazing textures to our music, and his way of blending in the sound of the piano and saxophone was really interesting. We played mainly our own compositions, with Theo added some of his own work as well. For the first time Albatrosh played a concert including electronics.

Andrew D´Angelo
During the same trip to USA, we also did a project with this groundbreaking alto player. His immense energy and expressive style of playing inspired us a lot. We did one gig with him in Manhattan, and he also joined us with Theo Bleckman at our Brooklyn gig.