/// Eyolf Dale & André Roligheten

duo of pianist Eyolf Dale and reedist André Roligheten

Reviews and airplay!

Reviews of Night Owl keeps coming in after the international release in january/february! German radio stations have also picked it up, and the album seems to get lots of airplay. We’re very happy and thankful!

This page at the Rune Grammofon will be updated with the latest reviews.


Vital Weekly wrote:

Albatrosh is Eyolf Dale and André Roligheten. ‘Night Owl’ is their fifth album, being their second release for Rune Grammofon. Both players come from Skien and had their education partly at the Norwegian Academy of Music. In 2008 they won the prestigious JazzIntro award. In 2009 they released their first album. So we are talking of a established collaboration, that is still musically fruitful for both players. For ‘Night Owl’ they choose the Fattoria Musica Studio in Osnabrück, Germany to record their new creations. They take their influences from American as well as European traditions of jazz and improvised music. Roligheten composes some of the tracks, some by Dale and others by both of them together. But in all compositions there is room for improvisation. Their music has a very jazzy feel, but offers far more than the usual schemes. They place remarkable accents in their excursions. They create unusual patterns but never completely far out. Jazz is always very near, the music is always accessible I would say. Sometimes the players create contrasts at other moments they go – unison – the same route. They offer fine interplay and interaction., and travel through different moods and emotions. Although they are only two, often one has to keep attention in order to register all movements. They are not into investigating sound, but into creating exciting new structures. All is played with ‘souplesse’ and virtuosity. Very transparent self-conscious music.

Financial Times wrote

Albatrosh are a playful and rumbustious Norwegian duo made up of pianist Eyolf Dale and André Roligheten on saxophone and clarinets. Both musicians are strong improvisers with mature techniques and a distinctive sound; Dale’s precise and classically informed, Roligheten’s light-toned, but with a raspy edge. But it is their ensemble work and compositions that most impress on their fifth release. Each piece unfolds through unexpected twists and turns and is as atmospheric as their titles — “Duvet Day” gentle, “Nut Job” dramatic and “Night Owl” faintly ominous.

British magazine Record Collector wrote

Piano/reeds duo Albatrosh impress with their accessible second long-player “Night Owl”.

British magazine HiFi World wrote

A contemporary feel with plenty of improv, the outfit are both inventive and quite sparkling.



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