duo of pianist Eyolf Dale and reedist André Roligheten

Review in The New York Times!


Today we received a notification about a stunning review in The New York Times! We were really excited, to say the least, that our album has reached the states. The album is actually recorded in New York as well, so the cycle is closed 🙂

To read it, click on this link, or read below.



Seen from one angle, this pliable young Norwegian duo could be slotted squarely in the lineage of Keith Jarrett’s exalted work with Jan Garbarek in the 1970s: all the identifying traits are there, from the classical poise to the emotional ardor to the intimation of melodic caprice. But there’s more to Albatrosh — which is to say, the pianist Eyolf Dale and the saxophonist André Roligheten — than any sort of pigeonholing could allow. “Yonkers” (Rune Grammofon), the duo’s third album, is an outright joyride, full of sprightly intricacies (“Linedance”) and boppish contingencies (“Fifths”) and meditative spaces (“Central Park”). Mr. Roligheten has a brusque but appealing tone on tenor saxophone, and Mr. Dale extracts rich sonorities from the piano; their fundamentals are sound. But it’s their intuitive chemistry that lifts the album to another plane, raising hopes for the next go-round.


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