duo of pianist Eyolf Dale and reedist André Roligheten

Albatrosh at Centre Pompidou!

Upcoming Thursday we´re joining in with an art-project at the magnificent Centre Pompidou in Paris! It´s a kind of performance with collaborations with composers, designers and musicians. The goal is to find some common ground between the different expressions, and Albatrosh is contributing musically in a group with clothing designers, a composer and a classical soprano.. Exciting combo!

To read more, check out a blog about the project “Tacit Zones”, this will be updated during work at Pompidou.


Here´s an excerpt of the idea of our group, NORWEGIAN ARM:

The group is creating an authoritarian performance where they´re interfering in and marking the comfort zone between the performers and the audience.

The musical material is shifting between the composed and the improvised. The lyrics is reflecting the audience´s meeting with the traditional gallery room. During the performance the musicians will stop playing, and the sound of silence will be recorded and played back later on.

The designers role is to enter the gallery room as an authoritarian, unifromed “culture-army” who directs and manipulates the musicians and the audience with commando cards telling them what to do. The room itself is also to be manipulated by taping security-lines at the floor.


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